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Pay for 40 point adopts
Floofle batch 1 [OPEN] by Artistonfire
Please pay for 40 point adoptables here
Simple sketch
Sketch 1 by Artistonfire
Sketch 2 by Artistonfire
Sketch 3 by Artistonfire
I'll sketch a wide range of things, as long as they're SFW. Animals, humans, anthros, if you're unsure just drop me a note and I can clarify. These take me anywhere between 5-30 minutes, depending on complexity. May take longer if it's a highly detailed design.
Adding extra characters or having an incredibly complex character adds charge, please contact me and we'll work this out.
Quick lineart
Quick lineart 1 by Artistonfire
Quick lineart 2 by Artistonfire
Quick lineart 3 by Artistonfire
Same rules as the sketches.  These take between 20 - 50 minutes.
Adding extra characters or asking for an incredibly complex character will add on more charge, please contact me and we'll work it out.
Colored sketch
Flitter commish by Artistonfire
Leaf commish by Artistonfire
Nissi adoptable -OPEN- by Artistonfire
Same rules as always, these are a step up from quick lineart.  Still colored a little messy, but smoothed out with a black outline.  Take anywhere between 40 - 80 minutes depending on complexity, simpler stuff can be done in less time.
Adding more than one character (or an incredibly complex character) will tack on more money, please contact me about this and we'll work that out.
Painting (no background)
Lufae 2 by Artistonfire
Art Trade With Eekins by Artistonfire
Cherith by Artistonfire
Single character painting, full body shot and either a solid color background or a gradiented border around the character's figure.  Takes anywhere between an hour to two+ hours, depends on the character.
Adding extra characters or doing an incredibly complex character adds to the charge.  Send me a note and we'll work something out.
two character painting
Same stuff as the regular no background shaded picture, but with two characters instead of one. 
Pixel work
Birb by Artistonfire
Rival Battle Sprite by Artistonfire
Hero Battle Sprite by Artistonfire
(more examples later) preferably one character, talk to me if you want any more than one in a single piece because that will cost extra.  Can take anywhere between a few hours to the majority of the day to finish - I'm rather slow with pixel work and I apologize.
Blinking animated icon
Hypno icon by Artistonfire
(More examples will come later, I promise!)
100x100 icon (or 150x150 if you specify so) of a character blinking, and adding a smile if you so choose.  Takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour+.  Depends on complexity.  One character only per icon.  (If you want me to have two synced icons facing each other, let me know and I can do that!)
Custom nissi
Nissi species guide :CLOSED SPECIES: by Artistonfire
Kru by Artistonfire
Celi by Artistonfire
You tell me what you want them to look like, I'll give you progress shots along the way to ensure you're satisfied, and you're welcome to change them at any later point in time.  They're yours to use in anything non-commercial, not for re-sale.  Once complete, I'll draw a colored sketch of them as a quick reference.
Custom nissi discounted painting
If you purchase a custom nissi through this, you get all the same features, except instead of a colored sketch reference, you get a painting (no background) with the color swatches off to the side for reference. The painting for this is cheaper than to get a custom nissi and separately buy a painting, it's essentially a package deal.
I've got lots of drawing to do!  BUT!  I don't know what exactly to draw!  So, here's some stuff I'd be willing to do, and if you could please comment your opinion on what I should do, it would mean a lot, I don't even need an explanation as to why you made the choice.

FANART - (I can do sonic, pokemon, digimon, Maayybbbee FNAF, Kirby, neopets, Perhaps homestuck, and I guess if there's popular demand I could try something else)
OC ART (Any of my OCs you guys wanna see more of?  Or fan characters work too, just shoot me their name(s)!  If it's something I haven't drawn in a long time, a link to the last time I drew them couldn't hurt, but is by no means required.)
COMMISSIONS (Kinda hard to do these without being commissioned but hey couldn't hurt to make it an option)
OTHER? (Scenery based work?  P2U bases? -not doing free ones, sorry.  They can however be suggested at any time!  I love making them!- Adoptables?  Anything else not listed above??)

Thank you!
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Yeah, I suppose it depends on the pokemon though.  I really do like the series and I'm pretty familiar with gen 1, 2, and 4.  The others (excluding the newest which I have not played but know a little about from heresay) I know enough about to try to give a pokemon from it a decent drawing.
Wolfy-Loves-MC Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh cool!
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