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I will critique one drawing of your choice (Yours only please.  If you're buying for someone else, and they message me that they're aware and willing, that's alright too.)
This will cover:
Color use/shading
Lineart quality
Anatomy use
overall feeling
Optional:  Character design

I will provide a lengthy constructive critique (I do not believe in 'bashing' or destructive critiques, I will be doing this to help you improve, not hurt your feelings.) on the drawing you choose, which may take up to an hour of solid writing.  This is from the evaluation, and looking for helpful resources to direct you to in helping improve.  I will not use the same default resources for everyone, it will vary depending on context.
Please note that I can only critique so far.  If your art is highly above my level, I may have to decline, as I won't know where to give pointers and I do not want to waste your time/money.  I will message you at the time I start working on the critique, and will tell you if I have to pause to do something else so that you have a semi-accurate amount of time that I've taken to work.

I will not critique sexual-natured pieces.  I will reject the critique request if the piece you want critiqued is of this criteria.
Veri by Artistonfire
Speck by Artistonfire
Poppet's mask by Artistonfire
Mysterrryyy by Artistonfire
Full body, one character, no background.  Slightly cleaned up, typically in one color.  If you have a preferred color, please specify, or I'll pick one myself.
Price cannot go lower, but can go higher if character is high in complexity.
Each additional character is 10 more points, assuming they are of average complexity.
Colored sketch
Mystery by Artistonfire
Lilah pls by Artistonfire
Full body.  One character.  Minimal clean-up.  Black border optional.  No background.
Price may vary due to character complexity.
Additional characters add on 20 points per character.
reaction image
O r chid no by Artistonfire
O rchid no by Artistonfire
150x150 pixels.  One character per image.  Flat color, black border.  White line around black border for emphasis optional.  Background of a simple color with or without pattern, and emphasis around character.
Please specify emotion. For most characters, this will be a bust shot, or waist up.  Small characters (such as the puffball) would be full body.  Price may increase or decrease depending on complexity.
No discount in bulk, sorry.
Flat color
Tibura by Artistonfire
Orchid by Artistonfire
Bennett Orchid's brother by Artistonfire
Full body, single character, one color lineart (default is black, no extra charge if you specify a different color instead.) with a black outer line and either transparent backdrop or minimal color/pattern.
Prices may vary due to detail in characters.  (If highly simple, price is cheaper.  If very complex, price is higher.  I will contact you if I feel the character is above or below "average" complexity.)
each additional character is 50 more points, assuming they are of average complexity.
Shaded + Simple backdrop
Hariikae by Artistonfire
Fuile by Artistonfire
Negafluff by Artistonfire
Orchid by Artistonfire
Full body.  One character.  Black border + thin white border for emphasis.  Simple backdrop of 2-4 colors, minimal.  Backdrop is intended for contrast and emphasis, not scenery. Black/white border may be replaced with different colors.
Reference sheet
Orchid reference by Artistonfire
Front and back view of clothed character.  Non-clothed (SFW version) adds 80 points. May include extra details for more charge - email me(or send me a note). Flat colored.  One character per sheet.
Price may vary due to complexity level of the character.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm an aspiring artist, with approximately 5 years of serious experience under my belt. I've been drawings since I was a little kid, but it was just a hobby until recently. I'm trying to make this into my career, but I do still draw for fun.

I'm currently in the script writing stage of a full fledged graphic novel.

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I miss you too man - how's things been going??
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going pretty good actually! John and I are going strong, doing well in school, and i'm still working, just waiting for the summer :) you?
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I'm doing my best to get through the end of school xD;  Hoping to eventually get a job that actually pays since art isn't bringing in much if anything at all.  Sounds like you're better off than I am right now, haha. 
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Yeah, I suppose it depends on the pokemon though.  I really do like the series and I'm pretty familiar with gen 1, 2, and 4.  The others (excluding the newest which I have not played but know a little about from heresay) I know enough about to try to give a pokemon from it a decent drawing.
Wolfy-Loves-MC Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh cool!
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