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Sketch 1 by Artistonfire
Sketch 2 by Artistonfire
Sketch 3 by Artistonfire
Fullbody.  No background.  Usually sketched in color, if you have a specific color in mind let me know.
Colored sketch
Flitter commish by Artistonfire
Leaf commish by Artistonfire
Nissi adoptable -OPEN- by Artistonfire
Fullbody, sketched lines cleaned up a little bit.  Sketched in flat color.  Black border around the edges. No background.
flat color + minimal background
Tibura by Artistonfire
Dancing waves (OC AUCTION) by Artistonfire
Fullbody drawing, black lineart and flat color.  Minimal background of flat color with faint pattern of some sort or a hand drawn in gradient.
4 reaction images
Commission sheet by Artistonfire
150x150.  Typically torso and head are in the image - exceptions being for small and simplistic characters.  Gray backdrop, black lines/borderline around the edges, shaded white color.  (examples are on commission sheet)  Expressions are of your choosing.  (examples on the commission sheet)
Pixel art
Birb by Artistonfire
Fullbody.  Complexity of the character effects price greatly - no background.  Shaded.
shaded + background
Let's go by Artistonfire
Nissi playtime by Artistonfire
Bring your best. by Artistonfire
Fullbody, colored lineart and shaded.  Simple background by default, getting into complex scenes will add onto the price.
Reference sheet
Orchid reference by Artistonfire
Front and back view of clothed and non-clothed (SFW) character. May include extra details for more charge - email me(or send me a note). Flat colored.
The person fostering the pet canceled already I guess, so I'm just .. kind of making do with what I've got.  No more art trades needed, sorry.

Okay, so I'm applying for a pet on neopets.  It's my dream pet !!  But i need app art, so that's where you guys can come in !!  I need art of Veri reference by Artistonfire this character, and possibly Pio Reference by Artistonfire their petpet, but the second isn't required.  I don't really mind your art level or skill or talent, anything helps.  Here's the uh, the catch though.
It's gotta be done preferably before december 19th, so I have enough time to organize them nicely and put them on the app.  My end may take a little while, seeing as I need to perfect this application, but I will get it done.
I'm best at anthros/quads, but I suppose I /can/ do humans.  Please comment or send me a note to let me know if you're interested, so I can write you down and what you'd like me to draw so I can't forget.  The extent of my end will depend on yours - I'll do shaded if you do shaded, I'll do flat color if you do flat color, I'll do a sketch if you do a sketch, etc.  I obviously have limits as to what I can do - if you're unsure please just let me know.  (gift art of the two boys is also accepted, but I figured it would be more worth it to you guys if I did art trades.  I have no money to commission anyone with, so this is my only option.)

Please, PLEASE.  This is my childhood dream to get this pet, and this may be my only shot to get him.
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Yeah, I suppose it depends on the pokemon though.  I really do like the series and I'm pretty familiar with gen 1, 2, and 4.  The others (excluding the newest which I have not played but know a little about from heresay) I know enough about to try to give a pokemon from it a decent drawing.
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