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Simple sketch
Sketch 1 by Artistonfire
Sketch 2 by Artistonfire
Sketch 3 by Artistonfire
I'll sketch a wide range of things, as long as they're SFW. Animals, humans, anthros, if you're unsure just drop me a note and I can clarify. These take me anywhere between 5-30 minutes, depending on complexity. May take longer if it's a highly detailed design.
Adding extra characters or having an incredibly complex character adds charge, please contact me and we'll work this out.
Colored sketch
Flitter commish by Artistonfire
Leaf commish by Artistonfire
Nissi adoptable -OPEN- by Artistonfire
Same rules as always, these are a step up from quick lineart.  Still colored a little messy, but smoothed out with a black outline.  Take anywhere between 40 - 80 minutes depending on complexity, simpler stuff can be done in less time.
Adding more than one character (or an incredibly complex character) will tack on more money, please contact me about this and we'll work that out.
Shaded (no background)
Lufae 2 by Artistonfire
Art Trade With Eekins by Artistonfire
Cherith by Artistonfire
Single character painting, full body shot and either a solid color background or a gradiented border around the character's figure.  Takes anywhere between an hour to two+ hours, depends on the character.
Adding extra characters or doing an incredibly complex character adds to the charge.  Send me a note and we'll work something out.
shaded + background
Let's go by Artistonfire
Nissi playtime by Artistonfire
Bring your best. by Artistonfire
Shaded picture with one character, and a background.  Minimal foreground in most cases.  Lineart will be colored unless specified to be black.  Adding extra characters or extra detail in character or bacground costs extra - send me a note and we will discuss this uvu
Blinking animated icon
Hypno icon by Artistonfire
(More examples will come later, I promise!)
100x100 icon (or 150x150 if you specify so) of a character blinking, and adding a smile if you so choose.  Takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour+.  Depends on complexity.  One character only per icon.  (If you want me to have two synced icons facing each other, let me know and I can do that!)
Bring your best. by ArtistonfireLet's go by ArtistonfireNissi playtime by ArtistonfireMaz commission by ArtistonfireCelestial light preview by Artistonfire
Please take a moment to read this!
I'm doing a commissions sale out of desperation.  Currently my only fund towards getting to see my boyfriend this summer for the first time (Which will be about 2 and a half years into our relationship) is through commissions.  All commissions placed before DECEMBER 25TH will be much cheaper than usual.  I have a list of preferred fandoms I can work with - but feel absolutely free to talk to me!  I can work outside my preferences!  These things take me a while to finish, but I'll take as much as I can get.  Really, anything helps a lot.

:bulletred: NO NSFW (Not only do I have no interest in NSFW themes, but I have no experience whatsoever in the area.)
I can draw - Anthros/ferals (Animals be it anthropomorphic or not), /some/ humans (I struggle in this area a little, but I can do my absolute best!  Please ask me about this, I'll work with you to the best of my ability if you're interested!) - OCS/FCS - pairings (I love doing pairings actually) and /some/ action scenes (Talk to me about this one - I'll do my best if you're interested!)
:bulletblue: Fandoms I'm familiar with - Sonic, pokemon, digimon, MLP, Kirby, Neopets, FNAF (Five nights at freddy's), Starbound, Don't starve, Homestuck, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Mario (To an extent - I'll do whatever research needed to fit a themed commission however!).  Interested in something not on this list?  Tell me!  Send me a comment or a note!  I will respond ASAP, and I'll be happy to look into it so that I can suit your needs!

lunamon by Artistonfire Sketch 1 by Artistonfire Sketch 2 by Artistonfire SKETCH: 50 :points: through my commission widget!
Plooshie commish by Artistonfire Starsaver by Artistonfire Peki commish by Artistonfire COLORED SKETCH : 100 :points: through my commission widget!
Cherith by Artistonfire This is hanssili and he's pretty fab by Artistonfire Art Trade With Eekins by Artistonfire SHADED : 300 :points: through my commission widget!
Let's go by Artistonfire Nissi playtime by Artistonfire Bring your best. by Artistonfire SHADED + BACKGROUND : 400 :points: through my commission widget!

Adding extra characters adds to the price, roughly 40% of the price of the commission, and a highly complex design adds about 20% to the cost as well.  If you have trouble paying, talk to me!  I'm fine with payment plans.
Please if you have a little to spare, anything helps!  And please pay through the commission widget, otherwise I can't withdraw the money later ^^;  After all this is for visiting my boyfriend, and travel agencies don't accept deviantart points in payment.
I'll keep a list of the commissions I need to do on my page under my featured deviation, I'll work in order of first come first served.  Thank you!
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