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Pokemew by Artistonfire
Hyyyypno by Artistonfire
Oooooorchid by Artistonfire
Drawn in sai, just a basic sketch then with a single base color laid down, if the character's base color is white then their secondary color is laid down around them.  Basic single character. (for extra characters, talk to me, it'll be +35 points per extra character, up to 3 total characters, possible discounts for very simple characters available if you talk to me about it)
Color shade
Purple by Artistonfire
When Will It End. by Artistonfire
A cleaned up sketch, not super solid lineart, with soft single color shading and a few detail colors.  Single character only.
Flat color
Carol and Tiffy  by Artistonfire
Elle by Artistonfire
Orchid Sarah Derosa by Artistonfire
Solid line art, black in most cases, or colored if a specific color is specified; basic coat of color with little to no shading, only real effects being a small patch of fluff or a glow of some sort, any kind of magic or elemental effect added will be an extra 50 points, may vary depending on specific effect, please discuss it with me.  Every extra character is plus 80 points, up to a total of 3 characters, talk to be about extras.
Basic shading
EM 6 official art by Artistonfire
EM 8 official art by Artistonfire
Orchid official art by Artistonfire
Solid black lineart, filled in color, and basic softened shading with a thick black outline around the perimeter of the character.  Extra characters up to three total are 130 points each.  Ask me about extras.
Basic background shaded
Rosie by Artistonfire
Rainbow dash by Artistonfire
Raawr I'm a dinofox by Artistonfire
Basic backgrounds such as a shadow or a simple color and symbol are optional, no extra charge or discount if included or not.  Typically colored lineart, extra color on perimeter also available at no extra cost or discount whether included or not.  Shading is more detailed than basic shading, styles may vary slightly depending on the mood of the picture.  Extra characters up to a total of three are 200 extra points each, ask me about extras.

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I apologize in advance, but I'm just super happy to be on the site - And I've been working on making characters out of the pets I have there, and so as I finish those up I'll be posting them here ! !  I think there's only 9 pets in total, so the art wave won't last too long, but, ehe, I've been very much so motivated lately so I should be getting more things drawn and posted.
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Just trying to get a 1 month sub to change my username, and possible PC some artists I like or save up so I can hold a contest with point prizes. I take point commissions, sent me a note if you're interested. I will be reasonable and willing to haggle in a small margin, and am willing to take half the payment up front and the other half once the work is complete if it is any comfort to the commissioner.

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
...Just call me Sandra if you want to talk to me, I suppose. Don't worry, for the most part I'm friendly, unless I feel that you're not being friendly to me, in which case I reserve the right to save my kind words for somebody whose actions show they deserve it.

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Hello to you once again! I realize it has been a long time since we've spoken, but recently finding a picture of Marx that you drew that led me here has brought up some nostalgia. It is saddening that the account was closed, as I would have enjoyed going back and scrolling through your posts, but alas. That aside, I see your art has done nothing but improved, though I never had seen many flaws in the past either, it was always grand in my eyes. Here is my "Hello" to you, and from the rest of the Kirby fandom!
Artistonfire Apr 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oh, hello!  Haha, to be honest, I still do draw marx every so often, I just never find the motivation to finish the pictures enough to upload them.  I actually found it unbearable to part with the old blog, and have all the art tucked away in a folder still for memory's sake - I've contemplated sorting it out and posting it sometime as a zip file but that would require a lot of time that at the moment I don't have, eheh ^^;
thank you very much though for the compliment, I've been working pretty hard to try to get better - I wonder though, how's the voice acting going?  You have such a talent for it!
Ahh, it's interesting that the character would stick with you for so long, though I suppose that when you really take enjoyment in a character, having that bond with them really does become more and more enjoyable. I too was saddened when I had seen your Marx blog was down, there was no doubt that you were one of the best there had been, for some reasons that even I cannot tell and explain. Ahh, the voice acting has been coming wonderfully, a few commissions by some really nice artists here and there, though I am hoping to find more and more roles, voice acting is a major passion, along with designing OC's about once a year.. Pixeled Overseer was an accident, but this latest OC was purposeful and I have enjoyed her design very much. I thank you for your compliment as well! Things like that make my day.
Artistonfire Apr 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well, after him being my muse for so long I had chances to make a lot of in-depth headcanons, it almost felt like he was one of my own characters, haha.  I really just lost my muse for the blog due to... issues with an RP partner at the time; so I've become a lot more reclusive about roleplaying as Marx as of late, but it's still very fun!  Haha, it's a surprising stress reliever to get to RP as the smug little guy every once in a while.  - and thank you very much for the compliment, ehe ^^;  I feel like if I had stuck around I might have gotten to meet a lot more nice people, but I feel as if I've gotten enough of the spotlight in that regard, and I hope that someone else takes over and gets a chance in the limelight for a while.
I'm glad to hear the voice acting is going good!  You were easily my favorite voice actor, still are actually!  Not gonna lie, I miss your old blogs, they were all so well written!
Azylumin Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your artstyle is very cute :)
Artistonfire Jan 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aww, thank you very much! c:
cosmozetax8 Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Artistonfire Nov 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello! c:
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